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ADeko 14 Video Tutorials


    ADeko 14 A quick overview

    This video tutors the basic steps of creating a kitchen and extracting the financial reports and technical outputs from it. It will help you understand the general work flow of ADeko 14.

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 3964

    ADeko 14 Screen layout

    Where to look for what in ADeko 14's screen layout

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2348

    Adjusting the viewing angle

    What are the shortcuts for adjusting the viewpoint in ADeko 14

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2142

    Transferring your license to another computer

    How to transfer licenses between computers in ADeko 14

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 3042

Drawing the Workspace

    Drawing walls using templates

    If the workspace you want to draw fits our room templates, drawing it will take just a few clicks

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2074

    Drawing irregular walls

    If the workspace we want to draw doesn't fit the templates for our rooms, or the room has indented walls..

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2327

    Drawing a column

    How to insert columns to a room we draw? In this video we explain how to draw 3 types of columns (corner, mid-wall, mid-room) in our project..

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2284

    Drawing a beam

    How to add beams in our project taking the drawn walls as reference

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2013

    Placing and deleting windows

    How to open gaps like windows or niches to our project and how to delete them.

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2258

    Placing and deleting doors

    How to add a door to a wall and how to change its properties

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2171

Kitchen Design

    Automatic kitchen design

    If you have a straight, L or U kitchen; you can ask ADeko 14 to design a kitchen for you in accordance to general design principles. It offers different design choices until you find a design you like

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2946

    Placing base units

    How to place base units aligned to walls

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2126

    Placing wall units

    Information you require when placing wall units: how does the program act when taking another unit as a reference, how the program define the elevation for wall units, etc.

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2070

    Placing shelves

    How to place shelves between two units or freely on walls

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2869

    Placing sidepanels

    How to close the sides or backs of a unit with an extra panel or door

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2994

    Visible sides

    How to assign a different material to the visible sides, which is a delicate point in kitchen design, than those of the body material.

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2168

    Sink and oven placement

    How to place sinks and ovens in a project

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2730

    Beam and column notches

    ADeko applies notching operations for beams and columns automatically, but in this video you can find details for notching operations that might be of help.

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2331

    Defining blind corner units

    Tips for placing and adjusting blind corner units.

    Added: 26.04.2016
    Views: 2358

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